Custom Pet Portraits by Blue Giraffe Art Works
Pet Portrait Artist Micah McCombs Jones of Blue Giraffe Art Works

All about the artist, Micah!

I am a native Texan, born and raised in the Houston area.  I studied Art at Houston Baptist University (and British History, too), graduating in 2008.  Soon after graduating I launched my little business, Blue Giraffe Art Works, but was only able to be a part-time artist.  After several years as an English teacher my creative juices were overflowing, so I packed up my books and dived head first into my art work.  Blue Giraffe Art Works mainly focuses on custom portraits of people and pets, painted in a “pop” style.  This style sprung from my senior art thesis show in which I created sixteen portraits of people who had impacted my life in some way.  Commissions through Blue Giraffe eventually opened up to pet portraits- dogs, cats, horses, and more - and that is my main avenue of artistic expression these days.  

“We are the music-makers, and the dreamers of dreams.”

--Willy Wonka